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Complimentary  Consult

First, we will have a consultation so that I can learn more about your family and be able to customize your session. I will help you choose the location, decide on outfit ideas, and plan out where certain pieces of artwork could be hung up in your home.


Your Custom Session


Next, it's time for your session. With everything pre-planned, we will put your vision into action. You'll have such a great time that neither you nor your family will be stressed out during the session.

Create your Artwork



This is where everything comes together and you get to see the final product.

We will have an ordering session, where you will be presented with the best images from your session. Then you will finally be able to see what the artwork will look like on your walls.


About the Photographer!

   My name is Ciara! I am a boutique photographer specializing in family portraits. My focus is on creating framed, or canvas heirloom quality photographic artwork that is designed to be hung in your home.


   I grew up in a household that cherished filling our albums and decorating the walls with images of our entire family. Seeing these photographs on the wall made me feel loved, and more connected to my family history.

    Growing up  I realized that most of my friends didn’t display family portraits on the walls like we did. Later in life, they realized that there were memories they wished they were able to look back on when stories couldn't quite capture the moment.

    That is the reason I decided to model my boutique business to specialize in creating the type of artwork to celebrate our unique families.

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